Street Food Tour of Vietnam – for the foodies on a budget

Bun with barbecued grilled meats. Served with herbs, fresh cucumbers, peanuts and nuoc cham sauce. Very light and refreshing for $1.

We had an amazing time in Vietnam and one of the reasons it was so amazing (in addition to its beautiful country and culture) is the FOOOOOOD! I am quite a fan of Vietnamese food and was really looking forward for the “real” taste of the country. We were able to eat really good and tasty food for $1 a meal whenever we were eating street food. Though, always be cautious and look for the most popular and “clean” ones  – some tips for eating street foods in Vietnam can be found here.

Here is a preview of some of the food you will be able to find while traveling the country. Click on any picture to start the slideshow!

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